Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This has GOT to stop....

It's time that we, as a country, get ourselves together and stop this mess.  As parents, if you've ever sat around your table discussing another race as though they are anything less than created in the image of God, then you should be ashamed of your actions and words.  I think it's not OK that this isn't just as plastered everywhere as the Trayvon Martin case.  While we do not have all the facts about the Martin case, this one is pretty cut and dried: 


A 13 year old kid was set on fire by black teens who were taunting him with, "Here's what you deserve, white boy." 

Until we recognize that EVERYONE....Every. single. person....you've ever met, has been bullied, made fun of, hurt or laughed at, we will never move past this mess we've created for ourselves.  You are not special in your hurt.  You are not special in your anger.  I know that's tough language, but it's the truth.  Everyone has been hurt, angered, and bullied by someone else.  We must pull together and stop bullying.  We must also pull together and stop the insanity that somehow you're special and unique because you're bullied. 

My heart hurts for the Martin family.  My heart hurts for anyone who's been bullied.  May we all catch ourselves a clue and stop the bullying without continuing to build this illusion that only certain "special" people are bullied.  It's a lie. 

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