About Me...

   If you've wandered to this page, then you're looking to know more about me. So here goes:

I'm a Jesus lover, a book lover, a pug lover and a food lover who used to believe I had it a little bit together but then found out I didn't, which was difficult enough that I became deeply depressed. I'm doing the best I can while trusting God, which is harder than I'd like it to be.

I hope to share some of my journey and my truth here. Maybe we can heal together because we can't do it alone, which stinks a little because I love me some alone time.

I've also placed in a Glimmertrain competition back in 2013, which is better than chocolate and bread. OK, maybe not bread. Maybe not chocolate, either. My short story still kicked ass.

Good luck, my fellow seekers. Keep heading toward the light.