Thursday, January 27, 2011

Top 10 Reasons That We Homeschool

The top ten reasons that we homeschool are... 

10.   Because I do not want our lives chained to our children's school schedule.  We believe life, learning, travel, serving, experiential learning, etc...  are more conducive to raising productive adults and citizens who actually know how to be diplomatic, as well as achieve academic excellence.  And yes, we do own an almost obscene amount of textbooks that we make use of at least five days a week, as well.  We just think that there's so much more to learning, and education, than a textbook.

9.     If we trapped adults in a 20 x 30 room with thirty peers and one supervisor for twelve years, eight hours a day, with only 30 minutes for lunch (typically a fat inducing, high calorie lunch), and then demanded that we also complete 2-3 more hours of work when we finally got home, we'd call it what it is:  inhumane and cruel, or work release from prison.  Why is it that the most helpless members of our society, who have no choice when in compulsory schooling, are told that this is learning?

8.     Because locking kids in a room with twenty or thirty peers learning the same thing, hearing the same thing and competing for the same thing, for eight hours a day, for twelve years, is never going to lend itself to children who grow up to be social adults who are fully capable of independent thought, regardless of what the main stream media, and the government, is desperately trying to convince us to believe.  If you actually THINK about that situation, does anyone believe that environment is ripe for creativity and educational excellence?  Seriously? 

7.     We love to travel.  Our kids have seen a great deal of the world and have been able to "socialize" with and accept people from all walks of life....regardless of where, or who, they are.  We are of the belief that all people are created equally and our kids have the right to learn that, as well.  That's tough to do in an environment where you're pegged with a label by the 3rd grade.

6.     Because one on one instruction has already been proven to be vastly more efficient and produce much more academically proficient adults than corralling them all together and teaching them nothing more than passing a test so a state funded institution can receive more tax payer funds to continue the OK corral.  We are not interested in our kids having an education a mile wide, but only an inch deep.

5.     Because my husband and I were so bored in institutionalized learning we could barely retain our faculties. We, like most people, spent more time feeling isolated, being interested in the wrong things and comparing ourselves to others than we ever did actually learning anything.

4.     Because we do not believe that there are no moral absolutes and we don't want our kids to believe that, either.  Some things are just not OK, nor normal.  Why can't we all admit that?   Kids are like sponges...and there's just some things I don't want my kids to soak in, nor should they be expected to.  Again, it's cruelty.

3.     Because we are not raising our children to be economic tools of the State.

2.     Because we believe that every person on the planet is indoctrinated in some way, shape or form.  We also believe that a state-certified stranger shouldn't be indoctrinating our children with the information she/he was taught to indoctrinate with.  No offense to state teachers...we just think we do a better job with our kids who we know, love and have a vested interest in.  It's funny how you'll make a more concerted effort when you are actually invested in what you're doing and the investment isn't just a paycheck. (and I actually think most teachers do as good a job as possible with the situation they've been placed in!)

1.(a)  We enjoy our kids and they are fun!

1.(b)  Because we are called to homeschool the children we were blessed with.

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  1. We don't want people who do not know nor care telling our children who to be and how to be it. The individual is way more important than the whole,when that is understood and implemented the whole,....will be just that,whole.