Saturday, February 12, 2011


     Almost fourteen years ago, I chose David to share my life with.  We'd attended high school together; we even dated in high school! (we've known each other for almost 27 years!!! Ok...I'm dropping that train of thought quickly!)  Out of six billion people on the planet, I still believe he is the man that God made just for me. 

     No one makes me laugh harder, or cry harder.  There is no one on the planet who can move me the way he can.  There is only One who I love more than David.  There is only One David loves above me. We have survived very hard times, and have rejoiced in very good times.  We have been blessed with four of the most awesome kids I've ever known and are so thankful to watch them growing up and becoming who they are. There is no one on Earth who can understand my love for them the way he can.  We have comforted one another, and taken care of each other.  No one knows me the way that he does. I am blessed to see his face each morning and pray with him each night.

    Because his family owns restaurants, so many people think they know my husband, but the truth is that he's a hard man to really know.  But, I know him....really know him.  That makes me special...or makes me feel special, anyway.  I love that.  He makes me feel safe and loved and precious.

                                    So, to my Valentine:

                      Dear David,

                              I Still Choose You!

Me and David!

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