Monday, June 27, 2011

No Gender Here Please... can go ahead and insert a big fat eye-roll from me before you even start reading the post!...

     There's a new pre-school in town!  Well, it's actually in Sweden and it may just be the silliest thing I've read about in some time, if I didn't view it as absolutely the most damaging thing in a longer time.  This new, state funded, pre-school has decided that all references to gender are to be removed.  All references to "him" or "her" are forbidden, and it's all done under the guise of creating "equality".  All books available to the children have homosexual, bi-sexual, transgender, single parenthood, or no gender content.  Period.  ...sigh...

     What is up with society's obsession with tearing down the traditional family?  Isn't it common knowledge, and statistically proven, that this is, if fact, the healthiest environment for children the world over? I'm not suggesting that some aren't lamentable. However, I am flat out saying that I am sick and tired of children being indoctrinated with this junk and calling it "equality".  It's not.  It's an agenda that is being pushed that has nothing to do with the well-being of a child. 

      My question would be this:  What happens if a child wants to be gender specific?  What about that little boy, who will one day grow to be a man, that WANTS to play with swords and trucks and pretend to be the master of the Universe? What about the little girl who longs for pink, flowers and playing with her kitchen set...far, far away from cars, trucks and guns? What happens to the boy who will one day desire to truly take care of his wife, and she desires nothing more than staying home, raising her children and being happy to do so?  I'm prone to believe that there comes a point that we become so "open-minded" that our brains fall out!

     I'm sick unto death of hearing about "getting with the times"!  Look around you people!  The "times" are not that great and in large part it's due to the absolute lack of  moral absolutes that the world has chosen to live by because that means that all bets are off...anything is acceptable and deemed OK as long as you're "happy", for the moment.  Perhaps that's why most people have the attention span the size of a quark!

     Time has nothing to do with it. In case you're not familiar with the term, check out "political social engineering" to understand exactly what this really is.  Does anyone else feel the need to to shear themselves of wool and begin screaming "baaaa" in the most violent tone possible?!  

Read the story for yourself here:

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  1. I remember hearing about this story. It's interesting that some people continue to suggest that gender is a social construct, when scientific advances and psychological studies have shown otherwise. Guys and gals are different in their bodies, brains, desires, roles, and much more. That is a GOOD thing. When we treat each other respectfully, we complement one another. Thanks for the reminder that we should allow our boys to be boys and our girls to be girls.

    I've enjoyed reading your blog today!