Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thoughts on Dating...

I have very specific opinions on the typical system of "dating" and here they are in very typical Kristi style:

Would you let a strange young man take your brand new car or pick up truck and give it a try? Maybe just take it down to the movie theater or for a quick trip to grab a bite to eat?! Why not? You let strange young men take your daughters out and have no idea where they are or exactly what they're doing. You value your vehicle more than your daughter? Just because it's "normal", doesn't make it OK.

My husband and I feel the exact same way toward both our boys.  

Kids can be social, and build relational skills, without parents allowing them to be put in situations that no single, young, immature person should be expected to handle with any success.  We, as adults, have no right to act surprised when our young people continually go astray when we are unwilling to make the choices that guide them...not necessarily befriend them.  You are responsible for an eternal soul.  While it's a blessing and an extremely beautiful thing ( and SUPER fun!)'s also a very serious thing. 

As a side note to avoid any emails that I "must" smother my kids:  My oldest son has a very special girl that he has taken to the movies, visited with her family, brings to our home, texts, Facebooks, and who he is extremely close with.  Neither of them find it weird that they are not allowed to leave the house for 5-6 hours at a time, two/three nights a week, while alone at night.  It's a really dumb idea...and they get that because we bothered to explain it to them. 

All this is our opinion; therefore, it's only personal to US.   :)

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