Friday, July 22, 2011

Out of Egypt...

     Last night I was studying the Word, with a book/commentary, and I came across this statement:  "The Lord dragged them (meaning the Hebrews) out of Egypt, but Egypt remained in them(as they whined and complained the whole time they were crossing the desert)".  You know when you have those moments when things just click and really move you?  They really make sense to you, personally? I had one of those moments last night when I read that passage.  That passage totally made sense to me because I've been like that.  I've been the child of God who was delivered from bondage, only to long for it later.  Ever been there?

     Oh, don't get me wrong...I didn't long to go back to the addiction/bondage, just to have the comfort of what was familiar, even if it was bad for me. I understood how the Jews felt.  I totally understood that desire to have what was familiar, because even though I was free NOW,  I still felt as though I was just wandering around in the desert and it was HOT, sandy, dusty and yucky.  I get it and I admit it. 

     However, what I didn't get, or don't get when that feeling creeps back in, is that God has ordained something else for me.  Something better and truer than any bondage in the matter how good the bondage feels at the time.  The "feel good" only lasts until that first stroke of the whip falls across our backs and shoulders and we're burdened again with being nothing more than a slave to whatever calls us away from what God has planned for us.  I don't want to be a slave to anything but God.  Nothings gonna do for me, but Him.  So, I'm high tailin' it out of Egypt people. 

     May nothing be in me but that which is ordained by the Most High God.  May I lay down the Egypt's in my life and walk away from them without complaining, whining or longing for that which is not what God has for me.  May nothing burden me, or tie me down with a yoke, except the love that is in Christ Jesus.  May nothing but God's righteousness and holiness guide my path or choices.  And may Egypt be nothing more than a distant memory in the rear view mirror and may I pass this lesson on to my kids and grandchildren and to all the generations to come after me.

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