Thursday, August 30, 2012

Here's what's been taking my time...

Our sweet Pug, Loki

That face!  How can anyone look at that face and not understand the complete joy this animal brings me?  I know...he's almost shockingly gorgeous but try to focus, OK?

He's been sick.  No, I don't mean like he broke a nail.  Loki had 8 inches of intestine removed.  THAT kind of sick.  Between my precious kids, my husband and our two dogs, one of which has been REALLY sick, I've been a little busy.  Loki's on the mend, and Dr. Chappell, the best vet in the world, seems to think he should pull out of his sickness after this surgery.  I certainly hope so because they've also told us if this doesn't work, then pretty much nothing will work.  I really can't stand to go there, so let's pretend like I didn't type that, OK?  If you love a pet, could you maybe think about our Pug over the next week?   He would be so very missed if he had to take a long nap at the vets...

I'll try to post some more travel info next Tuesday, so be looking for our Tuesday travels.  Happy weekend, fellow blog readers!

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