Saturday, September 21, 2013

Parent Arrested at Common Core Meeting in Maryland

Robert Small, a concerned parent in Maryland, was arrested for wanting to speak at a public meeting to discuss Common Core.  Like most Common Core meetings, the forum was a set up.  The parents were required to present their questions for review BEFORE the meeting began.  How is that even possible in reality?  You can know what you want to ask, but the context of the discussion really sets the tone for open discussion and debate. 

Also, requiring that the questions be written in advance means the school boards can delete whatever they choose in the predetermined questions that are selected.  That's right.  They predetermine which ones will be discussed in the open forums.  That's NOT what freedom of speech is about and if publicly funded schools aren't the place for free speech, then we're in trouble, folks.  Let's be really clear:  Schools are accountable to the parents, not the other way around.  It's time we take our tax funded institutions back. 

This is called the Delphi method of "debate" by the way.  Look it up as it would take me 2 days to type a clear explanation here.  (sorry, this is a quickie)

This concerned father didn't have his question "selected" as one worthy of being heard, so he stood up and asked his question in a calm manner.  Security then comes and manhandles this parent.  They shove him and push him and then arrest him for assault.  (it's documented and true...look it up)  He never touches the "security", who is actually an off-duty police officer.  This is WRONG and it's time we stand up.  NO MORE.  Parents have a say in their kids education and Common Core is a federal take-over.  Period. 

Here's the video.  Please share it and like it on Youtube.  This needs to be viral.

This father faces up to 6 months in jail and a 2500.00 dollar fine.  That's insane!

Here's the info to the police department.  Please contact them about this battery of a citizen at a public meeting.  He has a right to be heard!!

Commander Captain Richard Howard 
 Assistant Commander Lieutenant Randy Guraleczka rguraleczka@baltimorecountymd.­gov 
115 West Susquehanna Avenue Towson, Maryland 21204 Map This Location 
Phone: 410-887-2361 Fax: 410-887-2360

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