Monday, October 21, 2013

Travel Tuesday

It's been a long time since I wrote a travel Tuesday post, but my boots haven't stopped hitting the pavement as often as I can get them out there.

We've visited a few places since last TT, so I'll just hit one at a time for a while.  First, our kids participated in the NASP national archery championships last year that are held in Louisville, Kentucky.  I expected to see rolling hills and horses, and I wasn't disappointed.

In fact, I saw rolling hills that seemed to span forever, disappearing into the distance.  I saw thoroughbreds that made my heart hurt they were so gorgeous.  We visited Churchill Downs and seeing Secretariat's name and trophies made me pretty zingy, too.  I saw Anna Nicole Smith's outfit that she wore when she attended the Derby and thought her shoes were fabulous.  (I did...sue me.)  We stood at a wall of hats that would make the Queen sob and we did a behind the scenes tour of the track that slaps you back into reality with the smell alone.  Seeing some of those animals made up for it, though.  Some of them just look like they wanted to kick your ass, but they've decided to run today instead, so feel lucky.  We did.  And man can they run.  They run like hell has been unleashed, and yet...there's something so graceful about them that you simply have to look.  Not in a car wreck kind of way, but in some ethereal way that just pulls at you.  It's awesome...and stinky.

We spent an entire day at the Louisville Zoo and I don't regret a minute of it.  Well, OK.  Maybe that one minute with the Silver back.  He just looks too smart to be there, maybe it's the opposable thumb.  Everything else made me happy, including the 4-D theater they have.  FUN!

It may not seem like the coolest place to visit, but we're looking forward to making it back there this year if the kids' team makes it to the finals again.  We're hoping to spend some extra time on the road and swing through Memphis and maybe Nashville on the way home.  Here's to more time on the road...



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