Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Life

We started a brand new life about two weeks before Christmas and I wanted to share it with my readers here so that you could join the journey if you'd like.  It's here:

I've always been overly responsible, but what I haven't always been is responsible for what I eat.  I'm Southern, which means I was born and bred on sweet tea, sugar and all things fried.  It's called comfort food for a reason, people.  Food will lull you into believing it's OK because it makes you feel good.  I'll admit to being a bit persnickity, but something about treating food like it's a treat and I'm a dog has never sat well with me. I am not a dog and food is not my treat. Food should be good for you and fuel your body.  Right now, that's not the case for most Americans, so we decided to take control of ourselves and responsibility for what passes our lips.  I hope you'll join our journey, we're having a blast.

Kristi  :)

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