Sunday, October 5, 2014

Search Results Y'all

Every once in a while, I'll check out how people found my blog since it's basically a rambling bunch of nonsensical stuff that I think is important.  It's amazeballs how people get here.  So, here's what people have looked for in the last few months that brought them to my little spot.

1. Life lesson from movie happy feets  (Hey, they spelled it that way, don't blame me. It's eating my grammar Nazi up, too.)

2. Rob Reich  (That's it. I don't know if they needed economics help from the Berkeley one or if they were stalking the Stanford one that spends a LOT of time talking about equalizing everything. To those of you that know there are TWO Rob Reich's of renown, well done. For those of you that didn't, name your next kid that, it seems to be working.)

3. Snackopoly (I've got nothing. It was just a game we picked up at the thrift store because it was a dollar.)

4. How to use a meth needle  (Seriously?  My brother died from his dope use so I'm probably not the place to learn that info, dude, but thanks for stopping by. I guess. You should probably Google how to stop my meth habit next, though.)

5. Verjiner  (I have no idea if they are looking for vinegar or a vagina and, so far as I know, that's the first time I've ever used either of those words in a blog post. Good luck, either way.)

6. What happens to homeschoolers?  (The same thing that happens to all of us, my friend. We're messed up, we grow up, try to figure it out and do the best we can.)

7.  And last....  I burnt the f'ing coconut.  (You're probably not alone, but why are you trying to cook coconuts? Can you eat those like that?!)

This wasn't in my search results, but a LOT of people from the Ukraine are reading my blog, so...Hey Y'all.  I know you're going through some crap over there and maybe this post will give you a laugh. I'm not super funny but I am seriously messed up most days so maybe we can have that in common even though mine is all self-induced and yours really isn't.  ...and now I feel all awkward, but that's the best I've got...  Thanks for reading! 

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