Saturday, October 4, 2014

Coconut Whipped Cream

This is GOOD y'all!

First, get a can of this stuff and stick it in the fridge for 24 hrs.  I always use this brand because it's Non-GMO and it tastes fab. You can NOT skip the fridge part, by the way. It causes the coconut fat in the milk to solidify and you need that.

Then, the next day take it out of the fridge, flip it upside down and open it.  You'll see the remaining milk at the bottom and just dump it in a bowl to save for something else. (Like smoothies!!)  See how the milk is all there?  The fat is at the top for our yummy whipped cream.

 After you dump out the milk, the fat will be waiting for you.  It looks like this:

I put it in that small bowl so you could see it. You'll want to actually put it in a bigger bowl so you can whip it.  (that's kind of kinky, but it's not that kind of whipping, OK? Unless that's your thing.)  Next, add at least one teaspoon of vanilla (REAL vanilla extract. Not faux-nilla), 1 cup of powered sugar and the tiniest pinch of sea salt and cinnamon. I use a tablespoon of cinnamon, but you use whatever floats your boat)  It looks like this now:

Then whip it all together!

I stick mine back in the fridge for a few hours.  Finally, add it to everything in the place of whipped topping made from who knows what.  This stuff is good for you, people!!  Awesome.

Om Nom Nom

How easy was that?! 

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