Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Elvis and Batman (you know you see the link there!)

Hey y'all,

I thought I'd share how conversations at our house happen:

David:  So, I'd be Batman if I wasn't me.

Me:  You saw that on a shirt.

David: I did, but I'd still be Batman.

Me: I'd be Elvis.

David:  What?!  He's a dude. And he's not Batman.

Me:  Yeah. The whole dude thing throws me off a little, but I'd still totally be Elvis.  And I like him better than Batman. Who wears capes?

David:  Elvis.  Elvis wore capes.

Me:  Oh my god.  Elvis could totally have been Batman.

David: ...gives me that look...  You're going to make my brain hurt, aren't you?

Me:  Think about it!

David:  See, brain hurting.

Me:  I mean, when have you EVER seen Elvis and Batman together?

David:  I've never actually seen either of them in person and since Elvis is dead and all...

Me:  Please. Those Elvis sightings make total sense now.  Even Batman needs a break.

David:  Elvis isn't Batman.

Me:  I win. I get to be Elvis AND Batman. I'm ditching the cape, though.

David:  Goodnight. 

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