Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Last Weekend of Summer...A Pictorial

I ran in Sam's Club the other day to pick up some headphones my little girl wants for her birthday and as I'm perusing the aisles jam packed with things I absolutely do not need, there, on the last two rows, were Christmas decorations. Just no.  It's September and I refuse to skip Fall so retail stores can commercialize the snot out of Christmas. So, I'm celebrating that summer is still here and ushering in a fabulous Autumn season with a tribute to my equally fabulous summer. God willing, I'll see you next year Summer. I'll miss you...

The backyard swing and picnic table that we use for eating watermelon.

How my husband says I love you...he builds fairy doors on trees for me.

This fella came to visit me while I was playing in the garden one blistering hot August afternoon. And yes, sometimes I lug my camera in the garden with me. Don't judge.

I don't even know what's happening with my hair, but this is Oldest girl and me at my niece's college graduation this past June.

A fabulous strawberry drink we enjoyed in Cozumel this summer. I say "we" because it took three of us to drink it and we still left some in the bottom.  We sort of suck at being alcoholics.

Playa Palancar in Mexico...I miss you. 

My girls snorkeling in Cozumel. This picture does not do the water color justice. It's off the charts gorgeous and clear and fabulous. I kind of wondered what the heck happened to the beaches where I live. They're mostly gray sludge where your toes disappear the minute your feet hits the tip of the surf. 

Three of my girlfriends swinging on a porch when we were invited over for a summer BBQ.  Great times...

I hope your summer was spectacular!  PS...don't skip Fall! Everything pumpkin is coming...  :)

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