Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Pursuit of Trivia

We are a plethora of useless trivia at our house. I can't even describe the nonsensical stuff we know a lot about over here.  But, I'm gonna try to explain some of it. (this is barely scraping the surface, though)

Conversation the other night:

David:  Did you know FF #48 was the first appearance of Silver Surfer?

Me: Uh...yeah. But only because I'm the one that bought you that comic book.

David: Oh. Right. (total dejection on his face)

Me: (trying to remove the dejection)  But, you totally have other numbers on comic books I know nothing about. Most of them actually!

David:  (happy face and pulling out another handful of books from that cardboard thing he keeps the comics in for maximum protection)  Have you seen this one?

Me: ...blink...blink...  No.

David: You're not interested in this at all, are you?

Me: (dejection my be his only option with this line of conversation)  Well, I'd say it's right up there with your enthusiasm when I was reading Benazir Bhutto's autobiography. I mean Pakistan is interesting.

David:  (look of horror...then inspiration)  OMGosh!  That reminds me! I bought us a 90's trivial pursuit game!!!

Me: (look of equal happiness! Because it's about to be on like Donkey Kong around here!) I have no idea how Benazir reminded you of Trivial Pursuit but I'm in, babe.

And then we opened the box and y'all, 90's Trivial Pursuit is hard . And funny. At least it's funny when we play it.  Here's some of our cards for your viewing pleasure:

Because that last question, y'all.  There are so many answers that are completely inappropriate for that question. And the VWG category. Shaglantic Airways. The end. (Yeah, baby!)

The first question's answer is Friday the 13th. Who makes up those names?! I want that job, y'all.

That first question is too much. We didn't want to talk about Hasselhoff's boobs, so we skipped it. But then, we reached the TRD question.  The answer?  Teenie Beanies.  I'm kind of in love and I might want a Happy Meal with a Teenie Beanie in it now. (but not the burger because ewwwww...)

There were a LOT of beanie baby questions and I started to wonder if maybe I missed out on the whole Beanie Baby thing but then David reminded me that we both graduated high school in the 80's so I must have been too old for Beanie Baby mania by then, which kind of bummed me out so we went and got chocolate. It was a great night and my life was pretty complete that day.   

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