Tuesday, June 14, 2011


     I found this quote recently and wanted to share it with you:

"There is something perverse about more than enough. When we have more, it is never enough. It is always somewhere out there, just out of reach. The more we acquire, the more elusive enough becomes." –Unknown

     (May God remove any inclination in me that resembles this quote!!  Amen!) 

     Consequently,  I had also been studying how God views material things in His Word, and I'd already come to the conclusion that He doesn't really "view" them one way or another.  It's our attitude about them that He's more concerned with.  Are you longing for "more" today or do you often "wish" your time away thinking about "more"?  I pray that you don't.  I pray that not one moment of your time, or mine, is taken up with a longing for more than what God has so graciously provided.  I pray that our focus is placed upon Christ and turned outward so that those in need are what our eyes and ears are tuned into.  I pray that the only thing that we never have enough of is Jesus. 

     Remember when you become ensnared in the world's tricky materialism:  As soon as something material is possessed, it loses most of it's value simply because the only real value material things have are that you WANT them.  As soon as you have them, their value decreases....and then you want to possess something else.  Don't fall for it!  You cannot store up things of value in this world, people...you just can't. 


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