Wednesday, June 8, 2011


     It's that time of year...summer.  For many people that means time off, vacations and sun.  It means that for me, too, but it also includes sitting by the pool with the kids school books planning each ones individual syllabus for the next school year.  It's kind of a double edged sword for me.  I LOVE planning their lessons, seeing what they'll be learning and really organizing the year, but I'd be lying if I didn't say it feels like work!  It is a LOT of work, people. 

     Not every homeschooling mom does a syllabus, so if you're new to home education don't get freaked out wondering what in the heck I'm talking about.  Every family is different and each family works their school out to fit what works for them.  Writing a syllabus for each of our children is what works for me.  :)

     I buy a lesson planner at our local homeschool for each child.  I then figure out how long each workbook, lesson, or subject will take to complete and then add our "extras" to that.  Extras can be anything from field trips, vacations, allowing for sick days, etc...   I always give us at least 5 days of grace on top of vacation and field trip days so that if the kids get sick, they have not missed any scheduled school days, nor fallen behind on their work.  The lesson planner is laid out in such a way that this is very simple to do. 

     I've also found that the syllabi really helps us with keeping the kids focused each day.  They know exactly what that day is going to be like, what is expected of them and what is expected of our time.  They respond much better when they know that they are being held responsible for their time, and frankly, so do I! 

     Again, this is not for everyone...but, it's what works for us.  I have a friend who only writes her school down by the week.  I simply do not have the patience to sit each and every week and write out a lesson plan.  I want the framework down for the entire year before school starts.  One of the beautiful things about home education is that YOU get to determine what is best for your children and your family. 

     Below isn't my syllabus...but, it's almost identical to the kind that I write just so that you have a good idea of where I'm coming from!   Now, I'm off to the pool to wade through Pre-calculus and Trig. for my rising 12th grader... 

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