Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ron Paul Money Bomb TODAY!

     I talk a lot about politics on this blog, but rarely discuss who I support.  Well, here he is:  Dr. Ron Paul of the 14th Congressional District of Texas.  I'll admit, there are some thing I don't like, but you're never going to get a perfect politician. (wow...that felt weird to put in the same sentence...perfect and politician! eeekk!)   Anywho...he's about as close to my views as you're going to get in the political arena. 

     He is a Christian who believes that the Constitution is where we lead from in this country, not a bunch of people who are as imperfect as the rest of us, AND they spend most of their time just trying to keep their jobs by spending everyone else's hard earned money.  People can and are corrupt, a document that has lead us to be the most powerful nation in the history of the world cannot be corrupted.  He has morals, and they call him "Dr. No" on Capital Hill because he votes "no" so often on freely giving away the tax money they take from the American people.  Dr. Paul warned of this last recession LONG before it happened, and people laughed.  How much you wanna bet that no one is laughing now?

For many of you who may not know, his son is Rand Paul, the Senator from Kentucky who was just placed in office in the 2010 upsets.   As a side note:  They said he "couldn't" win, too.  Research Dr. Paul yourself and don't believe the hype the mainstream media says about him.  They can't stand Dr. Paul because he thinks they are liars and says so on air and to their face.  He's quiet and humble about it, but he still calls it like it is instead of sugar coating things to make them easier to swallow.  I'd say the last thing America needs is another smooth talker... 

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