Friday, June 3, 2011

West Virginia's State School Superintendent think Homeschoolers Need "more oversight"

You've probably read a little about West Virginia's Superintendent's ridiculous remarks, but I just bet you haven't read anything as well written as this article in response to her:

It would seem that Ms. Marple should probably check into what the public school systems aren't accomplishing in W. Virginia and then recheck herself.  If the public schools can't do any better than what they're doing, then might I suggest that they quit worrying about homeschoolers and just try and figure out their own problems. Based on current test scores in comparison to homeschoolers, I'd say the only one needing oversight in education may be Ms. Marple and her crew, who are burning through tax payers money faster than ice cream melts in July, with very little to show for it.   

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