Friday, November 25, 2011

Understanding Isolationism vs Non-interventionism

After the Thanksgiving turkey and dressing were eaten, and after the football games were watched yesterday, I decided to do a little Ron Paul research and read some information out there about why anyone wouldn't vote for this guy.  To be honest, it really boggles my mind that ANY American wouldn't want this guy in office.  Seriously.

What I found in my little experiment was a lot of misinformation by people who obviously don't do much of what I was doing and that's read information contrary to their personal opinions and beliefs.  The vast majority of articles against Dr. Paul were really misinformed articles about his foreign policy.  So, what I'm going to do today is give you an education in isolationism and non-interventionism and why Dr. Paul stands so opposed to what many Republicans believe our foreign policy should be.

First, isolationism is defined as a country separating themselves from the rest of the every way.  In. Every. Way.  THAT is isolationism.  It means you don't trade with anyone else, you don't purchase anything from anywhere else and you don't participate in international wars, threats, or military action of any kind.  Many opponents of Dr. Paul state as a fact that this is his view and many who don't read anything other than their political parties known affiliates take that as the truth.  It is so far from the truth of his actual stance that it's very frustrating to read.  It is quite simply a lie.  Even regular every day blogs shouldn't be allowed to just lie because it works for them.  It's bunk.

Dr. Paul believes, and his voting record shows that he acts upon these beliefs, that we should be non-interventionists.  Non-interventionism, put simply, is this:  Political leaders should avoid entangling alliances with any other nation and avoid ALL wars that are not in direct correlation to our nation security.  Period.  We trade with ALL nations FAIRLY (this is another article altogether!), we have conversations with ALL nations, and maintain diplomacy with ALL nations.  How is this not a good thing?  Ever?

America's military complex is out of control and very few people could argue that point successfully.  We are spread too thin, and the vast majority of the world has become dependent upon us to provide them with military force at the American taxpayers expense.  Contrary to what much of the world believes, we Americans are not all rolling in the money with three homes, 5 cars and a butler.  Most of us are just average Bubs that work hard, take care of our families and try to make ends meet.  We are not directly involved in our foreign policy, but we ARE directly affected by it.

The terrorists of 9/11 very clearly stated that 9/11 was directly caused by the United States foreign policy.  They do not want us in their country.  Period.  If you think this is a small group of extremists that don't represent the vast majority of the Middle East, then perhaps you should read something other than the warm, fuzzy sites you're reading, or pick up a foreign newspaper.  They do NOT want us there.  They feel as though we are very much trying to implement moral imperialism and tell them what to do.  Frankly, I agree.

By agreeing with Dr. Paul that our foreign policy was the catalyst in 9/11, I'm not saying it was "America's fault".  I don't believe that.  Those men driving those planes are to blame for those deaths.  End of story.  However, should we care what would cause a human being to plant himself in a plane and fly it into one of our buildings and murder our citizens?  Shouldn't that matter?   They told us themselves why they did it.  The 9/11 commission came to the same conclusion.  The DOD came to the same conclusion and all these documents are public knowledge.  Muslims do NOT want us on their holy sites, and Arabic nations do NOT follow the American standard of morality.   Moral imperialism, anyone?

How would you feel if they came here and began a campaign to force Americans into Sharia law?  Would you sit quietly while that happened?  Yet, many Americans stand in disbelief when Arabs refuse our ways and laws.  These are not "opinions".  When the DoD came to this conclusion, America removed our military base from Saudi Arabia and the Saudi populace cheered!  They do NOT want us there.  You need to assimilate that piece of information. 

Let me ask you these questions, and I encourage you to answer them honestly:   Based on our current foreign policy, China has every right to build multiple military bases in our country to "protect their interests".  How would you feel if China began to build a military base within 100 miles of your home with 3000 armed Chinese soldiers housed there?   How would you feel if China bombed our cities and then wanted to "help" us restructure them?   Whether you like it not, that is what the United States is doing and has been doing for many years.  Our government has done this....while liberty and truth has taken a back seat to power, money and greed.  (Yes, many  become extremely wealthy in these wars...surely, you know that!)   It is NOT what we were and not what our Constitution says we should be.

It is time to bring this policing of the world to a halt.  We, the American people, have the power to do so.  Will it be tough?  Sure.  Is any true good ever an easy thing?   This is not isolationism.  It's non-interventionism and it's time we get that straight.  This is not isolating ourselves from the world, it's allowing the world to be more than what we have allowed them to become.  We have become the very thing that our forefathers ran away from.  We have become the very thing that brought Rome, Greece, Spain, and every other empire in the history of man to their knees.  We have allowed our government too much power and at the end of the day power corrupts.  Absolute power corrupts completely.  We cannot afford to be bullies any longer.  It's wrong, it's corrupt and it's killing innocent people.

There is, literally, ONE candidate running who has any sort of plan to bring us back to the time of diplomacy, trade with all, safe borders, freedom, liberty,  life, and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans equally.  There is only one candidate who understands fully that not interfering with another country's right to sovereignty isn't isolationism:  His name is Ron Paul.


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  1. What a beautiful expression of what so many people can relate to at one level or another. My youngest brother was (praise God, WAS!!) addicted to crack; my fervent prayer for him now is salvation. God saved his physical body, but you and I know that if he isn't surrendered to the saving Lord, the monster that once held him is a breath away. Thank you for sharing!
    ~ Cherie Wilson ~